CartEmSoft is a Batch Email Sending Utility, which conveys Continuous Batch Emails in a way which all mail exchange server recognizes and effectively allows to convey, which means that all of your Emails, regardless of whether Promotional, Marketing Related, Product Launching, Newsletter, arrives up to the Inbox and not to the Spam Folder, which thus support all your Email Marketing techniques and campaigns.


  • Programming integrated on Dell Power Edge R610/710/720xd controlled hosting guaranteeing stability and creadibility.
  • No per Email Account or Per Campaign Limitations. Send mails to boundless email accounts over a timeframe.
  • Simple Contacts list management and One Click Unsubscribe.
  • Send any kind of Emails: Text, HTML, Attachment based, URL , PDF , item based like Amazon or eBay mailers.
  • All Campaigns (regardless of whether, web journals, bulletin, picture, product based, greetings) are database arranged, saving time.
  • Powerful Reporting Tool.
  • Against Spam, affirming with CAN Spam and RFC Compliance.
  • Most Cost Effective and Economical.
  • Packaged with Huge Authenticated Email Data Bank.


  • Viable approach to Build Brand Awareness
  • Effective approach to Generate New Business
  • Fit for Strengthening Company – Client Relationship
  • Increment Website Traffic

Note *

CartEmSoft is a Batch Email Utility and not a Bulk Email Solution, CartEmSoft supports Relay of Huge number of emails, yet in Batches and not in a Bulk format which is recognized as spamming and blocks the mail servers email flow. Along these lines CartEmSoft is capable for sending huge amount of marketing mails without the negatives of Bulk Emailing.