Top Mobile app development trends in 2020

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Top Mobile app development trends in 2020


Top Mobile app development trends in 2020

On-demand apps are like a “third party” that fulfill other demands—hence, the name—in a variety of fields like logistics, groceries, food, accommodations, and more when and where the users need them.

There are limitless on-demand apps in 2019, but 2020 looks to be the same—just probably more of them. The latest technologies will obviously make new demands obvious, and people will think of more ways to make their lives easier, which on-demand apps can fill. There is some most on-demand apps technology that is getting too much attention from customers.

This one is beaming technology, which are wireless transmitters using Bluetooth technology to send signals. This trend has been extensively accepted by healthcare, hotels, and museums. Additionally, it can be a great fit for location-based apps too. These apps are very easy to understand and use which makes users easily hooked to it. The trade sector is highly influenced by beacon technology merged with IoT.

5G technology
For mobile app development companies, the introduction of 5G networks will not just influence the way people use apps, however, it will create a data-intensive environment that will facilitate the opening of new markets for developers. 

5G networks guarantee to make stronger mobile connectivity and improve the smartphone experience by providing lower latency and speeding up data-sharing up to 10 times faster than existing wireless technology. This will facilitate mobile app development companies to automate more core processes and deliver improved applications for presenting, capturing, and sharing essential data. 


The wearable market is maturing. According to Statista, there will be 1.1 billion connected wearables in 2022. App development trends point to the fact that the development of these devices is a heady gold rush. Not only would websites and apps work on mobile devices as well as desktops, but they should work seamlessly for wearables. This would make configuring them a challenging task, but it would soon become apparent that smartphones would be as passé as desktops are now to mobiles.

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