Top reasons how SEO benefits responsive website composition

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Top reasons how SEO benefits responsive website composition


Top reasons how SEO benefits responsive website composition

It's the 21st century and the world is exclusively moving with their cell phones and tablets close by. As per study, individuals who utilize just one sort of electronic gadget lean toward cell phones over PCs. Over 60% of online inquiries on web search tools come by means of cell phones or tablets. 

The pattern of cell phones time isn't changing at any point in the near future. So it's smarter to develop with the consistently advancing world and consider responsive website composition. Thus, responsive website composition isn't a choice yet a necessity. 

This is where SEO comes into picture; trust me responsive web design & search engine optimization goes hand in glove.

Recorded below are the reasons how SEO benefits responsive website composition.

Importance of Mobile 

These days, responsive website architecture is considered as significant as substance of  site improvement. Likewise, did you realize Google supports mobile friendly sites? In 2015, Google came up with an algorithm to measure ranking criteria in search engine result pages (SERPS). 

Eradicate duplicate content  

You might be un intentionally  doing this, numerous organizations have been using both the desktop and mobile version at the same time. This occasionally prompts duplicate content over the web. Keep in mind, to Google bots, any particular URL is viewed as a unique page/site.

Decreased Bounce rates

Analyse user behaviour and use insights on the pages . Google will probably ensure that the sites offer the most ideal client experience, for each search inquiry, rank is elevated. A few pointers of a poor encounter may incorporate: 

High bounce rates /Less time spent on the page/site /Less number of site visits and clicks

Enhance loading speed

If loading of your site takes over 3 seconds, you may lose around 40-50% of the visitors. Improving the page load speed has positive effects on the apparent visitor's experience on your site. Google has been public with a view that loading speed is a ranking factor in their algorithms.

User Experiences 

Prioritize user experiences ,taking cue from it. Improve on navigation,keys,drop downs ,search is most easy to access. Google perceives ease of use by investigating a couple of key measurements, for example, the time spent on a website page. While nobody knows the definite weighting of such execution markers in the algorithms, but they surely have a role in how your site ranks. Client experience and UI, both seek  attention as other customary on and off-page SEO efforts needs..

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