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Email Services

Zooneto infosoft hosted email hosting service offers the essentials customers would need to manage their department’s calendars, communication, as well as contacts. The most gainful strategy offers solely the necessary options they require; however higher-tier packages are accessible which provide tools such as cloud storage as well as immediate messaging.

Communication is basically the backbone of a company. They continue to be the foremost necessary means of communication between a company and its numerous stakeholders. We are lean-to perceive the significance of business message service for corporations and supply quick, safe and malware secured send server hosting solutions to purchasers. We are a primarily Indian Email Hosting service provider having good experience in the hosting domain.

Glance at our solution that meets the needs of every user.
  • Our web communication is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • White Label! To your clients, it’s your brand fully customized to your desires.
  • Flexible storage options! All communication boxes have some additional storage available including 5GB of storage space.
  • Spam and virus protection! Our message filtering makes sure your users and infrastructure are protected against threats like spam and viruses.
  • Robust technology! Scalable, reliable, and high-performing our solution is trusted by thousands of resellers worldwide.
  • ALL THE BASIC FEATURES! We support the fundamental electronic post protocols that you expect. SMTP, IMAP, POP3. We maintain message aliases, forwarding, and plus addressing. We offer Rainloop, Crossbox, and Roundcube for your choice in a webmail client.
  • STRONG IP REPUTATION! We sustain a high reputation pool of IP addresses to ensure your electronic message gets delivered. However, due to IP reputation, if an electronic message fails delivery, we send it again, and again, until we get it right.
  • USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL! We offer a fully-featured control panel where you can add electronic post accounts and domains, with no limits beyond the storage you use and 300 outgoing electronic posts per hour (per e-mail address).

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