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Pay Per Day Campaign

Google Ad words are one of the best and successful intends to be seen by clients at the exact instant that they're searching on Google for the things you offer.

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Pay Per Day Campaign

At Zooneto, we are on a pursuit to change the digital marketing world. There’s nothing more gratifying to us than seeing our clients’ businesses grow. It is painful for us to watch ineffective and incompetent PPC wasting the company’s potential.

To bring the best out of your campaigns, we design the consistent and fascinating messages that combine the right set of keywords, advertisement messages and site experience to generate and increase the sales of your product or service. We also test and analyze every aspect of your campaign and meticulously optimize it.

Why Paid Campaigns are need of an Hour!
  • These days more than 89% of customers Use search engines to find information and knowledge on products, services or businesses before making a purchase.
  • More than 79% of consumers are following various brands on social networking sites to know more information about them.
How Our PPD Campaign Works?

Requirement Gathering

  • Analysis of Business goals.
  • Comprehensive website audit.
  • Competitor Analysis.

Campaign Gathering

  • Keyword Strategy.
  • Account planning & Structuring.
  • Finalizing campaign strategy.
  • Implementing Tracking Mechanism.
  • Go Live.

Management & Maintenance

  • Monitoring KPI & Web analytics.
  • Refining keyword list.
  • Tweaking & Testing.


  • Regular updates and discussions.
  • Fortnightly and monthly updating.
Why Select Zooneto Over Other PPC Companies?

At Zooneto Infosoft, we try and let our clients speak for us. Take a look at our Pay Per Day reviews and hear straight from them why we are the best PPC Company for your needs and demand. Above all, everything we perform comes from a perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own.

We Can Offer You Great Advantages That Other Companies Can’t!
  • Don’t worry about the long-term contracts.
  • You’ll own your advertisement creative’s.
  • You’ll optimize your marketing costs. 
  • You get a dedicated account manager.
  • Get the detailed monthly reports that connect PPC performance to your bottom line.
  • 100% clarity on ownership of the data.
  • Devoted and zealous account manager assigned to every project.
  • Google Partner with expert training access.
  • We have over 3 years of experience in optimizing Pay per Day campaigns.
  • We control your entire budget and provide you the maximum ROI, the money we spend is fully accounted and displayed.
Benefits of PPD over PPC Campaign!
  • No Per Click Costs rather you pay for the show of your promotion for the duration of the day.
  • Boundless Clicks every Day. 
  • No hassle in setting Ad words Account and its Management. 
  • Zero monitoring of Keywords Bidding and Negative Keywords. 
  • PPD Campaigns are more cost effective and customer centric than PPC campaigns, given that show lengths are huge. 
  • PPD Campaigns are more effective and robust than PPC campaigns since your advertisements are displayed for a bigger and longer frame of time. 

We don’t just talk about what is coming next, we do it.

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