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IVR & Toll Free

Toll free number solutions for your business. With a toll free number starting 1800, all your customers can call your business for free.

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Boost your business with the help of IVR!

As a business tool, the IVR Toll-Free Numbers are also very effective. It does not just help you to advance your customer service-ability; in fact, it also affects your business marketing efforts. An IVR or toll-free system accepts a combination of touch-tone keypad selection, voice telephone input and last but not least it provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, call-back, fax, e-mail and perhaps other media.

IVR Service Provider in India provides toll-free numbers that are those kinds of business phone numbers that don’t exert any call incurring burden on the callers. You just need to simply call by these numbers which are absolutely free for the callers. When it comes to professionalism and customer retention, then these numbers enables a company to gain an edge over others. Additionally, a virtual toll-free number works free from any geographical boundaries, within a country. This eliminates the compulsion of changing phone numbers with the change of business location.

Benefits of using toll-free numbers

Enhanced brand identity

An IVR number is always easy to remember and customers associate this number with your brand.

Superior customer experience

With a toll-free service provider in Delhi, your targeted audience can reach you easily at no cost to them.

Measurable marketing

You can use an IVR toll-free number to track your business marketing ROI.

Customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring that your industry is always reachable.

Call receiving zone

The best part of IVR toll-free number is that you can receive incoming calls from any service provider, anywhere.

Why choose us?

Our services are fully customized and as per your business requirement, we can modify the settings. Our IVR services come with the number of more facilities such as a new CRM Solution and Multi-Level IVR Service is also available.

Benefits of IVR System

More Leads

more leads with IVR system

IVR watches out for visitors by their name and guides them to a fitting authority in light of his call history, purchase history and location.

Professional Image

professional image of your business

Utilize your IVR framework to react to all client inquiries professionally. Reduce guest holding up time and direct them to the concerned division or operator.

Boost Efficiency

Boost specialist efficiency

Our cloud IVR arrangements empower clients to deal with most inquiries, for example, charging, essential data, and so forth without anyone else.

Large Call

handle a large call volume

Forget about the peak hour call load with IVR solutions and handle up to 50 calls simultaneously.

Powerful Features of IVR System

24 Hours Service
24*7 Service

Give fast, continuous help to your clients. Record all client messages on voice message on non-working hours and off days. You never miss a business lead with our cloud IVR arrangements.

Call recording
Call Recording

Record all calls, keep up call logs and offer the status of the call (associated/not associated/missed) on your IVR Number. Additionally push this information to your CRM.

CRM integration
CRM integration

Keep up a caller database by recording details such as caller details, call duration, time, caller location, the conversation, etc. by integrating your IVR number with any CRM.

Call Routing
Time-based call routing

IVR System naturally gives you a chance to course calls past working hours to your specialists' mobiles or initiate voice informing.

Sticky Specialist
Sticky Specialist

With our savvy facilitated IVR benefit, associate one specific guest to a similar specialist for better client encounter.


Hosted IVR enables you to block unwanted guests while organizing important calls and customers.

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